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Creator Economy

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The rise of subscription-based revenue models and the benefits they offer to creators

Cam Mulvey

May 29, 2023

The rise of subscription platforms for content creators

For content creators, the exploding creator economy has presented new opportunities to reach a wider audience, connect with fans, and build a career doing what they love. However, the proliferation of free content and the challenge of monetizing creative work has made it difficult for many creators to earn a living. In recent years, subscription-based revenue models have emerged as a promising solution to this problem, offering creators a way to generate predictable income and build a loyal community of fans. In this post, we'll explore the rise of subscription-based revenue models and the benefits they offer to content creators.

  • Subscription-based revenue models are becoming increasingly popular among content creators as they offer a sustainable income stream and allow creators to provide real value to their subscribers.
  • Creators who are well-suited for subscription-based models should be able to easily justify their value proposition, whether through premium content or community building.
  • Sute is committed to empowering creators to connect with their fans and build strong communities around entrepreneurship, careers, and financial literacy, providing support so that creators can focus on creating great content and building connections with their fans.

How creators are earning today 

The creator economy is booming, with more people than ever before leveraging the power of the internet to build their brands and their audience. According to a report by Influencer Marketing Hub, the number of global creators reached 50 million in 2022, while the number of Instagram influencers with over 100,000 followers has grown by 25%. The rise of social media and other online platforms has created a wealth of opportunities for creators to reach their audiences, but it has also presented new challenges when it comes to monetization. 

Today, creators earn money through a variety of methods, including ad deals and sponsored posts, affiliate links, tipping, courses, and merchandise sales. While these revenue streams can be lucrative, they can also be unsustainable and unpredictable, with earnings often fluctuating depending on factors outside of the creator’s control, such as changes in platform algorithms or consumer trends. 

Why are subscriptions becoming popular with creators? 

It's not surprising that many creators are turning to subscription-based revenue models to build a sustainable income. Subscription-based models offer a way for creators to earn recurring revenue, which can provide a more stable income compared to other methods. 

Subscriptions also allow a creator to set their own price for their hard work. Seeing income flow in each month can feel like a steady paycheck, providing stability and predictability in what is often a volatile industry. This predictability can help to alleviate some of the financial stress and uncertainty that often comes with being a creator.

In our blog on sustainable creator businesses, we break down the importance of reliability, scalability, and predictability in business models for creators. 

Additionally, subscription-based revenue models provide creators with a more direct relationship with their true fans, which can lead to more meaningful connections and increased support. Subscriptions tend to offer exclusive content, community features, or other perks to subscribers in exchange for the recurring fee. 

How does a creator implement subscriptions? 

There are two concerns that must be considered when adopting subscriptions:

  1. Earning Subscribers 
  2. Retaining Subscribers 

Earning subscribers is a marketing problem. Creators must be able to identify their true fans; those who are most likely to subscribe in the first place, and make the appropriate appeal to them. They must also not be afraid to promote their premium channels, as data suggests that creators who promote their premium channels weekly increase their earnings potential by 33% by self-promoting daily. 

Retaining subscribers is a value problem. When subscribers make the decision of whether or not to renew, they’ll assess the value they’ve received from the subscription. It is much easier to retain existing customers than it is to convert new ones (Podia estimates it is 6-7x easier for creators), but the creator must actively consider a subscription strategy that will deliver ongoing value. 

A content creator who introduced subscriptions and how has more time to produce content thanks to their reliability

What kind of creator is best positioned to deliver ongoing value? 

Creators who will have the most success with subscriptions are those that can deliver ongoing value. This means that they must have a unique offering that can't be found elsewhere or a tight-knit community of members who are invested in their work. Without a strong value proposition, it can be difficult for creators to convince people to pay for their content on an ongoing basis.

Creators who offer premium or exclusive content are particularly well-suited for subscription-based models. This might include writers, artists, or musicians who offer access to behind-the-scenes content, exclusive interviews, or early access to new work. These types of creators often have a loyal fan base who are willing to pay for access to their work and are interested in building a closer connection with them. However, by only monetizing the creator-to-fan interaction, creators are likely to require extra hours to generate their exclusive content. 

Another type of creator who may do well with subscription-based models are those who are focused on building a tight-knit community. These creators often have an engaged and passionate fan base who are looking for a more personal and interactive experience. In this case, creators not only benefit from creator-to-fan interaction, but they’re also gaining from fan-to-fan and fan-to-creator interaction as well. 

Now, they don't necessarily have to do all the heavy lifting. The mere presence of a larger community can support the value proposition, as the creator isn't the only one responsible for creating content. In this way, subscription-based models can empower creators to create something bigger than themselves, providing a unique value proposition that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Another benefit of a community is the ambassador culture it fosters, which drives further growth of your subscription income. Your subscribers will want to make their experience more valuable. They’ll become your ambassadors to help you grow your members. They’re proud to be in your community - they wouldn’t pay if they weren’t. With more members, they have the opportunity to amplify their own voice, empowered by your platform. 

To assess whether or not subscriptions are right for you, download our Creator Success Guide, which we made to help you build a sustainable creator business. 

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As the creator economy continues to grow, subscription-based revenue models are becoming an increasingly popular way for content creators to monetize their work. By offering premium or exclusive content or building a tight-knit community of fans, creators can provide real value to their subscribers and build a sustainable income stream. 

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