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Mastering Community Engagement: How the Right Community Tool Can Make a Difference

Cam Mulvey

February 20, 2023

When it comes to building a successful content creator community, engagement is the lifeblood that fuels their vibrancy and growth. As community builders and content creators, we are constantly seeking effective strategies to foster meaningful interactions and create a sense of connection among members. Unlike traditional unidirectional content delivery, which solely focuses on broadcasting information from creators to consumers, community engagement thrives on multidirectional content delivery as it encourages active participation, collaboration, and dialogue among community members. 

Unidirectional Content: From the creator to the members: a one way format of delivering content vs. Multidirectional Content: Creator-to-member, member-to-member, and member-to-creator: where everyone is on equal footing when it comes to producing content

Unlike the traditional unidirectional model, which limits communication flow to a one-way street, multidirectional content delivery empowers community members to actively contribute, share their expertise, and engage in meaningful conversations. In this blog, we explore how the right community tool can make a significant difference in mastering community engagement through multidirectional content delivery, facilitating a dynamic and inclusive community experience.

What is a content creator community? 

First, your YouTube channel is not a community. On YouTube, content is mostly unidirectional - from the creator to the audience en masse. Creating an engaged community requires moving beyond the limitations of unidirectional content delivery. 

But what about the comments section? The other subscribers can see my comment and engage in a discussion. 

While YouTube allows for comments and discussions, it lacks the network effects necessary for a thriving community. When leaving a comment on a YouTube video with a million views, the discussion generated may not be significantly better than that on a video with only a hundred views. The participants in these discussions often vary from video to video, making it challenging to establish a sense of continuity and connection among community members.

Choose a community management tool that enables network effects. 

To cultivate a truly multidirectional content delivery system, it is essential to provide a designated space where everyone can participate. With an effective community management tool, member-to-member communication is placed on equal footing as creator-to-members interactions. This ensures that the community members themselves can actively engage in conversations, share insights, and collaborate with one another. The reason why I don’t consider YouTube comments to be an effective community is because there are no network effects. By creating an environment that encourages these interactions, network effects can come into play, where the benefits of community membership increase as more people join.

Network Effects: The phenomenon where the value and benefits of a product, service, or community increase as more individuals or participants join.


A network of a community showing the connective power of online community management software

The power of network effects lies in the exponential growth of engagement and the collective value derived from community participation. As more individuals join a community, the potential for meaningful interactions, diverse perspectives, and collaborative endeavors expands. The increased number of active members leads to a richer and more vibrant community experience, as each member contributes to the collective knowledge, support, and growth. This positive feedback loop fosters a sense of belonging, drives ongoing engagement, and strengthens the overall community.

Why should I desire network effects? 

Network effects are highly desirable in communities because they fulfill fundamental human desires for relationships, status, knowledge, and transformation. As outlined by Li Jin, an expert on the passion economy, people seek meaningful connections, affirmation of their status, opportunities for knowledge and education, and the potential for personal transformation and tangible results. While YouTube may offer a space for comments, these platforms often fall short in meeting these desires. In fact, a significant 36% of social media users express a yearning for more genuine connections. 

Network effects in communities address these needs by creating an environment where individuals can forge deeper relationships, gain recognition for their contributions, access valuable knowledge and expertise, and experience personal growth through collective support and collaboration. By fostering network effects, communities empower individuals to fulfill their innate desires and create a sense of belonging, purpose, and achievement that transcends the limitations of traditional social media platforms.

Where do we go from here? 

Successful communities rely on the implementation of a community management tool. These online community management software tools serve as essential facilitators, creating avenues for meaningful connections among community members. 

A group of people collaborating on an online community management software on a laptop

By offering features such as discussion boards, chat functionalities, and member directories, these tools enable individuals to engage in conversations, establish valuable relationships, and collaborate on a shared vision within the community. 

Moreover, community management tools contribute to enhancing the quality of the conversation by providing moderation features, allowing administrators to manage content, enforce community guidelines, and foster a safe and respectful environment for all members. Additionally, these tools play a crucial role in making the community more discoverable, as individuals actively seek out online community management platforms in their quest for engagement, knowledge sharing, and valuable connections. 

By leveraging the functionalities provided by community management tools, communities can optimize their impact, create thriving environments, and attract individuals who are specifically looking for this type of enriching and interactive engagement. For a community to thrive, it needs more than just unidirectional content delivery. It requires a designated space where members can actively engage with one another, fostering multidirectional communication and collaborative opportunities. By embracing this approach, communities can harness the power of network effects, experiencing exponential growth in engagement, and creating a rich and interconnected ecosystem that benefits all members.

If you’re looking for an online community management software that will help you harness network effects for a community committed to entrepreneurship, career development, or personal finance, we’d love to hear from you and see if Sute might be a good fit. We’re currently taking applications from the best creators in these fields, so apply today to launch your community with Sute